At a very young age, I found that i saw all of life through different eyes. Being from a small South Dakota town, and spending summers at Teepee Ranger Station, I lived with nature, the grandness and details of which turned into faces of unknown friends, fairy landscapes and imagined horizons for exciting journeys. Falling leaves became magic carpets to lands of unworldly adventure and fairy princess palaces. Animals became my best friends and wind sang songs to me.

Today, the medium of watercolor allows me to bring my deep emotional life to light in my paintings. My style is a delicate balance of traditional technique and control, with freedom and creative surprise. I believe listening to the painting reveal itself is like listening to a good friend share a heart secret. My intimacy with the painting invites other viewers to emotionally respond as well. This possibility of connection feels my desire to share my paintings with a greater audience. 

I have participated in many shows, galleries, art sales, art auctions and fund raisers; each being a satisfactory and uplifting experience. My artistic highlight, however, has been placing first in the Northern Plains Watercolor Society Show 2014 and having that image printed in the Watercolor Artist Magazine. Following that, I received an out of state call to visit about how the painting touched that person. The connection with the viewer, my emotional relationship with the piece, the mystery of the medium of watercolor, and the dance of creativity, entices me to continue the mystical journey of painting.