Mary B Scull

   At a very young age, I found that I saw all of life through different eyes. Being from a small South Dakota town, and spending my summers in National Forests, I was always surrounded by nature. I lived with it, and could never fully embrace as much as I wanted of it. The grandness of the world we live in, with the details of each small thing turned into unknown friends, fairytale landscapes and unexplored horizons for exciting new journeys. Falling leaves became magic carpet rides, the wind sang songs to me, and clouds painted mystical backgrounds.

   Today, the medium of watercolor allows me to bring my deep emotional life to light in my paintings. My style is a delicate balance of traditional technique and control, with freedom and creative surprise. 

   I believe listening to the painting reveal itself is like listening to a good friend share a heart secret. My intimacy with the painting invites other viewers to emotionally respond as well. This possibility of connection fuels my desire to share my paintings with a greater audience.